Yarn Weight by Category 0 Lace Weight

0 Lace Weight

Types of yarn in the 0 Lace Weight Category: Fingering, 10-count crochet thread

  • Knit Gauge Range* in Stockinette Stitch to 4 inches: 33–40** sts
  • Recommended Needle in Metric Size Range: 1.5–2.25 mm
  • Recommended Needle U.S. Size Range:  000–1
  • Crochet Gauge* Ranges in Single Crochet to 4 inch: 32-42 double crochets**
  • Recommended Hook in Metric Size Range: Steel*** 1.6–1.4mm Regular hook 2.25 mm
  • Recommended Hook U.S. Size Range: Steel*** 6, 7, 8 Regular hook B–1

* GUIDELINES ONLY: The above reflect the most commonly used gauges and needle or hook sizes for specific yarn categories.

** Lace weight yarns are usually knitted or crocheted on larger needles and hooks to create lacy, openwork patterns. Accordingly, a gauge range is difficult to determine. Always follow the gauge stated in your pattern.

*** Steel crochet hooks are sized differently from regular hooks—the higher the number, the smaller the hook, which is the reverse of regular hook sizing

Silky Kid by Ella Rae
Silky Kid by Ella Rae
Sold out
$7.50 CAD

Silky Kid by Ella Rae

Ella Rae

25g/219 yards 8.25-1 sts = 1" Lace wt.  

$7.50 CAD
Sold out
Dream in Color Billy Kid Silk SL 539 Dessert City Wattage Mohair Dream in Color The Wool Queen
Dream in Color Billy Kid Silk SL 530 Alive Mohair Dream in Color The Wool Queen
$24.00 CAD

Dream in Color Billy Kid Silk

Dream in Color

Dream in Color Yarn Billy Kid Silk Billy Kid Silk is a soft and silky hand-dyed yarn that brings all of the vivid color you've come to expect from...

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$24.00 CAD

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