PRYM Sock Knitting Loom by Prym

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Sock Knitting Loom by Prym

Buy a knitting loom and opt for a world first in knitting socks.

Previously unthinkable, this tool is now writing needlework history. Knitting socks without knitting needles – hard to believe, yet true. Novices and converts will be thrilled to see how easy it is to use. Novices will realize they need no prior knitting knowledge to produce amazing results. Converts will be delighted not only by the fact that their usual wool consumption is reduced by almost half, but also that the loom can work at least four wool thicknesses. Better still, the knitting loom not only knits socks – it is just as useful for arm and leg warmers, doll’s clothes, cuddly toys and dainty little bags.

The knitting loom is small, compact and handy. It avoids getting your fingers in a knot, throws you for a loop with a neat and tidy pattern, and guarantees successful results, every time. Enjoy!

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